What is reality?

Reality is a concept that many of us, up until today, is something that are still unable to grasp. The definition of reality is defined as something tangible, something that exists right at this moment. It's based on a combination of facts and realism.

However, in contrast, just because it's intangible that doesn't make it any less real.

An example of this is an experience or a memory.

Our memories of the past isn't something that we can touch or isn't something that we can connect with using our six senses. However, it's just as real as the tangible things. The aspect that makes it real is that it actually happens- it's centered on the very concept of realism.

The thing that makes humans confused about the very concept of reality has everything to do with our minds and our perspective. Our reality can be very different that the reality of another person. What's real for us may just simply be a theory or a concept to another individual.

For instance, our fears can be the perfect example of something realistic, yet isn't exactly real.

 A majority of our fears are based on something that has happened in our pasts, or something that we fear happening in the future. When you have an irrational fear of being abandoned, for instance, this isn't something based on realism. 

This is simply a fear based on a traumatic event that happened in the past. However, this isn't to say that all fears are irrational and invalid.

Reality isn't a well-defined concept that is defined as just one being. Reality can be based on different definitions and can be multiple definitions, all at once. It's probably why reality is one of the hardest concepts to grasp.

In a world where human knowledge and intelligence is ever-expanding, theories are being made and are therefore confused with reality.


For some, they would argue that theories are simply just theories until backed up with a strong foundation of evidence and facts (since reality is deeply fact-based.) However, the other side of the party would then argue that what once was a theory is now a reality today.


There are various theories and speculations about a multitude of topics, but is it reality? That's a question that everyone is pondering on.

What even is reality?

Basically, there's no clear and concrete answer in the final definition of what reality is. However, we can all just depend on the fact that reality is where we are now. However, if you're wondering, are feelings and emotions considered as reality? 

Can we trust our emotions enough to consider it reality?

The answer to that is both, yes and no.

Our emotions and feelings are just as valid as anything, however, our feelings come from our thoughts most of the time in which, not all our thoughts are accurate.

Sometimes, our minds have a hard time grasping what's real and what isn't. In the end, reality is a combination of our six senses and our memories and experiences as a whole.

We can never fully under the concept, but as humans, we're all trying.

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