What Are Some Beginner Lucid Dreaming Techniques?

Lucid dreaming is the dream state where the sleeper knows they are in a dream and have influence over it. By some people, lucid dreaming is considered beneficial because it improves the mental state by reducing nightmares, depression, and PTSD. 

This leaves your body and mind well rested and less stressed. While not everyone can do this immediately there are steps a dreamer can try to master lucid dreaming. Many people ask, what are some beginner lucid dream techniques?

For starters, turn your bedroom into a comfortable place. You need to be completely relaxed. Keep your sleep area as quiet, dark, and cool as you can manage by drawing drapes, unplugging electronics, setting the temperature, and creating a white noise to block out sounds.

A little chant repeated while falling asleep doesn’t hurt. Something like “I’m aware this is a dream.” is a way to prepare your brain.

Make sure to record your dreams in a journal. This will allow you to keep note of various symbols, characters, and themes reoccurring while you sleep. Write notes on your own interpretation of what you think these dreams mean.

Record how often you dream the same ones to see if there’s a pattern. The more you know about the world of your sleeping state, the better you can influence it.

Now that you're comfortable with your dreams, you’re ready to take the next step in conducting reality checks. This will train your brain to identify if you are asleep or awake without waking you up. Observe your feet and hands to see if they are distorted.

Look back and forth at a book text or a clock to see if they stay the same, because they would most likely change in a dream. Things that are impossible in real life but happen in your observation, are all clear signs to confirm you are dreaming.

Don’t get discouraged if you wake up while testing these techniques. Try going back to sleep as soon as you record your dreams. If you don’t want to bother with your journal just keep your eyes closed tightly.

You can induce sleep paralysis by allowing your body to go still while your mind stays active. This isn’t always recommended sleep paralysis can frighten many who aren’t used to it. Just reassure yourself that its only a dream and you are safe.

One great technique is playing video games an hour before bedtime. While watching tv or a movie can disrupt the ritual of lucid dreaming, video games are different. In a film or show, you are simply observing the story.

A video game allows you to enter another reality where your interaction effects your environment and well-being. Training your brain to be able to control a reality that doesn’t actually exist is as close to lucid dreaming as you can get. It’s the perfect excuse to get in an hour or two on your favorite console as an experiment for scientific dream research.

Remember, keep trying, stay relaxed, and record your dreams. Train your brain to do stuff differently. A fun experience, lucid dreaming is the way we can escape into another reality for a period of time.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy being in control?

Especially in a state of mind where anything is possible?

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