Solar Chargers for Smart Phones & Devices

The definition of a solar charger for cell phones in simple terms: It is a device that is used as an alternative to the electric power source for mobile phone charging. The best thing about solar battery chargers is the fact that they are as easy to use as the normal electric or power chargers and you don't have to invest a lot of time to understand it.

The solar charger has solar panels that collect and store power from the sun rays and convert them into electricity. It is one of the biggest advantages of solar chargers - you can store the energy and you can use it later even on a cloudy day or while traveling where you cannot find any electric port or socket to charge your mobile phone.

Is solar charger only for cell phones?

You can use the solar charger for charging almost every mobile device, like tablets, iPads, laptops, etc. All you have to do is make sure that you place the solar charger at a place where it can get maximum sunlight. Further, there are options available for different needs.

These varieties of solar chargers will have a different number of solar panels; therefore, if the number of panels is more, the capability of the solar charger to store energy also increases. Like any conventional mobile device chargers, the solar charger is also portable and you carry it anywhere easily.

How to charge cell phones with solar charge?

Broadly, there are two ways the solar charger charges a cell phone. Have a look.

  1. Solar chargers that stores energy in rechargeable batteries, that can charge your cell phone later

This is the most common and widely accepted usage of solar batteries. Generally, you would need an alternative charging option when there is no charging point available, like when you are traveling, trekking, camping in places where there is no electricity or suffering longer power cuts.

In such cases, you would like to store the energy for later use. The battery should be a removable NiMHs or AA NiCads or an internal Lithium-iog.

  1. Solar chargers that can recharge cell phones directly

 This is usually done via the 12V lighter plug for cigarettes, similar to the arrangement many of us have in our cars. Rolling and foldable solar panels like the Powerfilm, Sunlinq, and MMP panels are provided with the socket attachment of cigarette lighter and into that socket, you can plug the in-car charger.

You can buy it separately according to the mobile phone's design, from electric, phone, or travel stores. The 12V cigarette lighters give great flexibility, but it is only capable of accepting charge up to 0.5A@5V maximum. It means that it cannot charge your cell phone at a very fast rate, even in bright sunlight.


In addition to being eco-friendly solar chargers for cell phones offer many benefits

– such as portability, an effective option to charge phones while trekking, traveling, hiking, camping, etc. Further, since it is environment-friendly, it can be considered as a better option compared to power banks.

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